Welcome to Off the Mat Yoga.  

My name is Trish. I am a mobile, certified Yoga Instructor who specializes in yoga for children.



a little bit about me...


I made my home here in Portland, ME in 2009 after spending 5 months backpacking solo in South America.

Although, Portland is my base and where I have set roots, I have traveled to Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia at various times over the years. I used to think that traveling was my greatest passion, I loved seeing the way others lived, tasting foods from around the world and having new experiences every day; but, I believe I have found my other passion in teaching yoga and mindfulness to children.


In 2013 after years of practicing yoga on and off personally, I enrolled in a yoga teacher training held at Breathing Room in South Portland;  honestly, I had no plans to teach, I just wanted to deepen my own practice and knowledge on the subject.


In March of 2014, I received my 200 hour yoga teacher training. Within months  I went on to complete a certification in Yoga Nidra through the ShivaShakti School of Yoga and Healing Arts and then became a certified Childlight Yoga Instructor with Childlight Yoga, based out of Dover, NH.

My mobile yoga business, Off the Mat, was born in 2015 in order to share what I had learned, not just by being on my mat in the studio or at home, but those things I took off my mat that have transformed my day to day life and interactions. Off the Mat is a means to communicate those practices with our younger generation, in hopes that they can use the skills and the tools that yoga teaches us  to grow into powerful and caring adults.


I continue to dive into workshops, retreats, and conferences on social emotional learning, trauma-informed yoga for children, mindfulness and meditation, along with various other work that can inform my teaching and my practice.


I believe deeply that connecting yoga, play and meditation with children at a young age can change the way they interact with the world and each other. 





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